Tellurian Tree of Life - "One Day At A Time" Campaign

“One Day at a Time”… ” and “One Life at a Time”, each day… every day for more than 40 years, Tellurian has provided the opportunity for literally thousands of individuals to overcome their substance abuse addictions and mental health disorders. “One Day at a Time”…Tellurian has helped these individuals return to their community, their homes, and their workplace, as productive members of society.

Treatment for substance abuse and mental health disorders is not easy. Recovery takes hard work, a commitment to recovery, and a willingness to change. There is no magic wand or miracle cure to make someone well. Recovery comes slowly…”One Day at a Time. For more than 4-decades Tellurian has remained dedicated to its mission of providing the opportunities and environment …“Where Recovery Becomes Reality” for everyone…regardless of ability to pay.

At Tellurian…“lives in crisis becomes lives in recovery”……”One Day at a Time”! For Tellurian to continue in our mission, we are asking for your help. Your donation or pledge amount will help offset the costs of treatment and recovery for those struggling with substance abuse and mental health disorders. Your pledge of support will help in turning around the life of someone who, quite frankly has nowhere else to turn. Many individuals seeking treatment have lost everything, and your support is vitally needed to assure that as many people as possible receive treatment.

Your tax deductible donation can be made by clicking “donate here” at the end of this page or by downloading, completing, and mailing the pledge form to Tellurian. With your support you may well be helping a friend, a neighbor, or a co-worker….you may never know. What you will know though is that, you will be making a difference and quite possibly… saving someone’s life!

At the entrance to Tellurian is artist Glenn Donavon has sculpted the “The Tellurian Tree of Life”. The leafs on the tree, represent individuals whose lives Tellurian has helped change. As our way of saying thank you, a Tellurian “Tree of Life “leaf will be sculpted and engraved with your name, or the name of a loved one, and placed on the “Tree” upon receipt of your pledge in the amount of $250 or more.

Won’t you help someone “turn over a new leaf” and begin the road to recovery…”One Day at a Time?”

Thank You!

Kevin Florek
CEO Tellurian

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