Teresa McGovern Oupatient Clinic
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Opioid Addiction, often accompanying the treatment of pain with the use of prescription opiates as well as an increase in heroin use, has become a major social problem in the United States.

The Teresa McGovern Center (TMC) recognizes that it is ideal for individuals participating in Opioid (heroin and other prescription drugs) addiction treatment to do so in a well balanced program utilizing a “continuum of care” approach. We also recognize that some individuals will need assistance from a drug therapy approach utilizing the medication Suboxone®. Suboxone® treatment research has shown that it can be used safely and effectivily to help suppress withdrawal and to decrease cravings to better insure successful long term sobriety.

Our medical and counseling staff is specifically trained and licensed in Suboxone® treatment protocols. This allows TMC to be able to provide individuals the assistance they need to maintain and, eventually, stop their Suboxone® use. The amount of time an individual will need assistance will vary with the extent and nature of the addiction. However long it takes, this medical and therapeutic intervention includes regular doctor visits as well as group and individual therapy to develop the tools for a sober and productive lifestyle.