Community Intervention Team
1053 Williamson St., Madison, WI 53703
(608) 258-3446

The Community Intervention Team (CIT), also known as the "Street Team" provides highly specialized, multi-disciplined case management and crisis stabilization services for up to 135 individuals diagnosed with mental health disorders and/or substance abuse issues. The definitive goal of CIT is to increase the skills, competencies, independence, and life satisfaction of all CIT clients. Referrals for case management are made through the Tellurian community and Recovery Dane, a Dane County mental health information and referral program. Mental health referrals are coordinated by the New Directions Information Center and prioritized by the Case Management Access Committee. Substance abuse referrals are made directly to CIT, with priority given to individuals currently under a Chapter 51.45 Commitment. CIT provides several services, including monitoring and support, medication management, symptom management, housing coordination, activities of daily living, money management, budgeting, medical care, psychiatric care, and socialization. CIT also provides short-term intensive services to persons on Alcohol or Drug Commitments including Settlement Agreements. This Dual Response Program (DRC) strives to move individuals to outpatient services, and expedite connections to AODA treatment, with a goal of minimizing re-hospitalization rates. One of CIT's newest roles with DRC is to assist Dane County Human Services and the Corporation Counsel in determining the appropriateness of Alcohol Petitions filed in Dane County.