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Detox Staff Nurse – Full Time Nights
Seeking individuals to work on-call nights at Tellurian's Detoxification center in Madison. Responsible for administering safe and effective nursing care to clients in alcohol and drug detoxification, according to state nursing practices and standards.

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Tellurian UCAN seeks a self-motivated individual to work the night shift of its Crisis Stabilization Group home located in Janesville, WI. This group home serves individual who are in mental health crisis in a residential setting. Duties include client supervision and monitoring, supportive client interaction, processing admissions, crisis management, medication monitoring, clinical case noting.

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Tellurian UCAN, Inc. is seeking individuals to work as Human Service Specialists at its CARE HOUSE program in La Crosse Wisconsin due to open in 2010. This is an exciting new venture for Tellurian. Human Service Specialists provide care for individuals in mental health crisis, or in need of social detox in a residential setting. Residents are impaired or emotionally disturbed individuals, and require close behavioral monitoring and supervision.

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The Tellurian Employment Experience:

Jobs at Tellurian are filled with challenge and offer opportunities for advancement. The respect and care that management and staff have for one another is second only to the respect and care we provide to our clients.

We believe that the quality of our services is derived from the diversity among our staff. We recognize that the strength of our staff is determined by the combined qualities, skills, and knowledge each individual brings to their jobs. We recognize that personal experience is often as important as formal credentials. We seek individuals who are passionate about the care they provide, and who desire to focus on what is best for each individual we serve. Many of our services are provided in a team structure, with individuals representing diverse backgrounds and cultures coming together to provide services that best meet the unique needs of each individual under our care. By enabling our staff to employ their expertise within the context of the team, and consistent with Professional Best Practices and ethical standards, Tellurian provides a uniquely rich employment experience.

Tellurian is an Equal Opportunity Employer and has strict policies against discrimination and harassment of any kind toward clients and staff alike.

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Due to the rapid growth of Tellurian over the last several years, we have partnered with www.jobsinmadison.com to provide the best in candidate management services.

A brief description of positons that will be closing soon are listed on this page. If you would like to apply on line, please click on the More Info button to access the job listing directely. Otherwise, please click on the JobsInMadison link below for a complete listing.

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Staff Development

Tellurian recognizes that staff development and training is essential to maintaining and advancing the quality of our services. We provide direct financial support for education and training directly related to developing and maintaining professional credentials. We provide many training opportunities to those newly entering the field. It is not uncommon for individuals to begin employment at Tellurian as a Human Service Assistant, and conclude their employment as a Senior Clinician, Program Supervisor, or Management team member. Employees receive annual job performance reviews designed to support the development needs of each employee. We are committed to maintaining a strong Code of Conduct, derived from the professional ethics essential to the proper care of individuals we serve.

Benefit Information

Tellurian offers a wide array of benefits including significant paid personal time off, sick leave, health (HMO) and dental insurance coverage, as well as life and disability benefits, the costs of which are shared with staff. In addition, we sponsor a retirement plan; offer a section 125 flexible spending plan, and offer tax-deferred savings options. Employees also have the option to select AFLAC supplemental insurance at their expense.

Job Locations

Jobs are located at many sites in Madison, Monona, Janesville, and La Crosse Wisconsin. Many sites are on bus lines. Check the specific job opening for the address of the job you are interested in.